Monday, July 09, 2012

why caliibre?

caliibre international

Mission: Harass, depose and debunk all forms of narrow perspective and in particular target organisations that indoctrinate those under the age of consent and to replace those organisations with resources and systems that facilitate broad based intellectual development, fact based learning and a non-dogma, laic education.

Why is Caliibre Necessary? A child’s intellect does not develop fully until early adulthood. Prior to this development the ability of a child to accurately assess the validity of what it is being told is limited. Narrow and often bigoted points of view are common; as are ‘teachers?of a single perspective that are eager to capture innocent young minds. The ever-increasing trend towards large scale violence, the inadequacy of a purely military response over a long term and the need to effect a positive change over time means we all have to stand against legend, culturally based stupidity, the malicious intent of bigoted self-seeking (so called religious) know-it-alls and those that believe they are the god given holders of the ‘authority to decide' our future.

Point: If we can realise a child is too young to have sex (a primary driver), as confirmed by ‘civilised' law until it is 15 or 16, how can we condone the presentation of a single (and arguably often perverted) view of ‘reality' that in many places is being taught to children under this age? What value are we if, either intentionally or through complacency, we permit the spread of spiritual depravity that will lead to the malformed development of any human being? In fact, how can we allow the perversion of something as important to our very existence as an individual’s spiritual and emotional intelligence?
Citizens Against Literalistic Intellectual-Incest
Breeding Rabid Egomaniacs 

NOTE: This organization is not anti religion! I count among my friends Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Taoists, Agnostics and Non-Believers. THIS ORGANIZATION DOES HOWEVER CONDEMN THOSE WHO INDOCTRINATE YOUNG PEOPLE (WHO CANNOT YET REASON), WITH A SINGULAR VIEW OF REALITY AND WHO INSIST THAT ONLY THEIR VERSION OF "THE TRUTH" IS VALID. 


Kid's don’t need no indoctrination,
They don’t need no thought control,
No dark superstition in the class room,
Preacher leave them kids alone…

(Pink Floyd “The Wall”…well almost)

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