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caliibre international goals, values and definitions

In these unsavoury and highly unsatisfactory times it is time we put our pride, egos, indoctrinations and unsound versions of the "truth" in the garbage where they belong... WISE INDIVIDUALS SEEK 



G 1: Set up a well known virtual organisation and communication centre to help facilitate broad based intellectual development, fact based learning and a non-dogma, laic education.

G 2: Write and/or collect a large amount of factual material that can be used as a reference centre for those who wish to study, contribute to and create a more enlightened view of humanity.

G 3: Recruit others that will also be prepared to apply pressure by personally confronting governments, religious organisations, companies and special interest groups.

G 4: Buy, rent or build a physical location with access to facilities for like-minded individuals and/or those with opposing points of view to meet and discuss and decide on how to achieve a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

G 5: Solicit "strictly unencumbered" funds from the public and/or organisations.

G 6: Over the initial period test the viability of forming a ‘club based' international organisation similar to other worldwide movements dedicated to promoting the rights of children.


commitment, competence, confidence, being fearless, communicativeness, reliability, correctness, clarity, factual information, thoroughness, contribution, definitive thinking and actions, accountability, enquiring and interested individuals, personal composure, resoluteness, sincerity, frankness, real listening, endurance, answering, sharing, timeliness, honesty, decisiveness, explicitness, responsibility accepting, transparency, willingness to remain close to controversy, collaboration, accuracy, helpful to others, individuals who are open minded and analytical and tenacity.


'Calibre' A degree or grade of excellence, worth or quality: e.g. an individual of high calibre

Caliibre? (Citizens Against Literalistic Intellectual-Incest Breeding Rabid Egomaniacs) rist 2004

Citizens: Natives, inhabitants, or denizens of a particular place: e.g. as in learning to be ‘citizens of the world and members of the human community'

Against: In hostile opposition or resistance to: e.g. to struggle against ignorance, doctrines of fate and all forms of oppression.

Literalistic: Adherence to the explicit substance of an idea or expression e.g.

Intellectual: Appealing to or engaging the intellect: e.g. an intellectual book; an intellectual problem or an intellectual pursuit.

Incest: Intercourse (traditionally sexual) between persons too closely related to marry e.g. as between a parent and a child. (Intellectual-Incest: ‘Screwing' with the mind of our offspring e.g. telling them that all other religions are false and should be attacked.)

Breeding: To rear or train, bring up: eg. A musician who was bred in a classical culture or perhaps, an innocent who was bought up in a religious tradition.

Rabid: Extremely zealous or enthusiastic, fanatical: e.g. a rabid football fan.
Egomaniacs: Conceited and self-seeking persons; e.g. my truth is the only truth.

Potentially damaging egomaniacs can include however are not limited to; abbots, archbishops, ayatollahs, bishops, cardinals, clerics, clergymen, cultists, dictators, evangelists, fathers, generals, imams, living-prophets, lobbyists, masters, ministers, mother-superiors, mujtahids, monks, mullahs, nuns, pastors, patriarchs, politicians, popes, priests, rabbis, religious-freaks, reverends, special-interest-groups, teachers, terrorists and zealots.

Initial tasks and perspectives to undertake and consider


Under the UN Convention of 1989 article 13 and 14 children have the right to freedom of thought.

Children should be protected from exploitation by parents, companies, criminals, "god-botherers" and any other persons of ill intent.

'Children do not belong to their parents, they just come through their parents…’ The world could use one more group of ‘wise' and compassionate individuals to take up this cause and to help promote peace through understanding.

Caliibre International could benchmark itself against such international organisations as say Rotary and/or Lions and see where we can be in 100 years.

WWIII is already in progress and among other things it is a war between: ‘reality based on proof and rational thought' and 'anachronistic traditions based on unsubstantiated beliefs'.

This initial web posting and concept needs the criticism of intelligent, worldly, analytical thinkers.
We seek the approval to use the material in the website from the originators of the articles, appreciate their wise insights and wish to solicit further input.

Initially "net-based" meetings could be developed to ensure a greater range of creative input on how to achieve the vision.

We must guard against becoming what we set out to destroy, i.e. narrow minded self serving bigots!

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