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The Princess and the Islamic Pea

First a quick recap of the original 1835, Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Princess and the Pea”

A prince wants to marry a “real princess”. He travels all over the world but cannot find a proven “real one”. Comes home “sad”, however one stormy night, suddenly a knocking is heard, the king lets in a wet bedraggled girl who is claiming to be a real princess.

The queen is sceptical, says nought, goes to bedroom, shoves a pea on the bed base then slings on twenty mattresses and then twenty eider downs. The princess bunks down for the night and in the morning she is asked how she had slept. “Oh, very badly!” says she. “I have scarcely closed my eyes all night. Heaven only knows what was in the bed, but I was lying on something hard, so that I am black and blue all over my body. It’s horrible!” Now they knew that she was a real princess because she had felt the pea right through the twenty mattresses and the twenty eider downs. The Queens conclusion was that nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive as that.

So the prince took her for his wife. (Foolish man? She sounds a bit delicate and high maintenance to me)

How the story was told to me

I must have had a vindictive moralising teacher because as I remember the story… a spoilt princess was too stupid and lazy to lift her single mattress up when she felt a lump in her bed (the very same pea), so she keeps getting the servants to add mattresses and eider downs to cover the problem, however after twenty of each she can still feel the pea.

The moral of the story as I was told it was, ‘don’t try to cover your problems up with a bunch of soft comforters because the pea will still be felt and that best thing to do was to get off your backside and get rid of the pea’. Solve the problem don’t cover it up.

So how are we solving the pea problem today?

A mattress

‘Britain needs a "mature" immigration debate that recognises the challenges as well as the benefits in different parts of the country, the communities secretary, Ruth Kelly, will argue this week [Aug 2006]. At Thursday's launch of the new Commission for Integration and Cohesion, which will report to her, Ms Kelly will recognise that the August 10 terror alert heightened tensions in some areas. She wants the commission to consider tough questions, such as a request by Muslim groups for Islamic festivals to become bank holidays.’

A second mattress

From the US… ‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, asked the Guilford County Republican Party (a political party), to remove a link to a Web site that it says misrepresents the Islamic faith. GCRP complied and issued an apology. Shouldn’t this be a judicial matter?

A third mattress

Back to UK’s Ms Kelly… ‘She will argue that more has to be done to articulate and understand the benefits of immigration, while addressing concerns that tensions and divisions currently outweigh those benefits. "Integration and cohesion are not states but processes. They need to be worked at, built on and nurtured."’

A fourth mattress

Ms. Kelly again… "Alongside the debate we need action nationally but just as importantly in local communities themselves to build united communities and root out all forms of extremism." Again as with Blair she seems here to believe the problem is with a small group rather than the total communities flawed philosophy.

A fifth mattress

George Alagiah, the Sri Lankan-born BBC newsreader, warns that Britain has followed a policy of "institutional tolerance for diversity" (as opposed to a conscious effort to integrate newcomers). Will this stance now change, probably not, will Britain still let them be and placate them wherever possible in a vain attempt not to disrupt the comfort levels of the other inhabitants of Britain.

A sixth

Ms Kelly argues "There is more that holds us together than pulls us apart" and that there is a "battle for hearts and minds" that needs concerted action at all levels from the government downwards.

A seventh

The author of the book “Islam for Dummies”, retired professor Malcolm Clark, when asked if he agreed "with President Bush that Islam is a peaceful religion that has been 'hijacked' by extremists?" He replied: "Generally, yes, but 'hijacked by fanatics' suggests the fault lies completely with that group. Western and American actions have created a climate ... for that hijacking to occur. Once again a western “intellectual explains why Islam is not the problem, we are. By the way this book was (is?) required reading for US soldiers going to Iraq.

An eight

Tony Blair keeps stating in speech after speech that its only radical elements in the Muslim community that are a problem.

A ninth

Under its terms of reference, the ‘Commission on Integration and Cohesion’ has been asked to look at "issues that raise tensions between different groups in different areas, and that lead to segregation and conflict" and suggest "how local community and political leadership can push further against perceived barriers to cohesion and integration".

A tenth

Europe and Britain’s propensity for "political correctness" at the cost of stating what is real.


Britain’s Ruth Kelly again… (as she declared on BBC World) will still maintain the status quo in Britain and will shy away from the to call by many to stop allowing the opening of faith based schools.

An example of a soft cover from Indonesia who constantly remind us that they are ‘the most populous Muslim nation in the world’. “The interfaith working group (along with the forums) will not focus on handling religious conflicts, but will deal mostly with social problems, such as poor health services and poverty."


In an astonishing move on 12 April 2005, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) moved from promoting respect for human rights to promoting "respect for all religions and their value systems". On Tuesday 12 April 2005, the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) passed Human Rights Resolution 2005/3 entitled, "Combating Defamation of Religions". Islam On Line (IOL) reported it this way: "The United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted on Tuesday, April 12, a resolution calling for combating defamation campaigns against Islam and Muslims in the West."


“Western churches are betraying Christian minorities in Muslim countries by trying to appease Islam, according to an international expert on Islam. Patrick Sookhdeo said Christian leaders rushed to call Islam a religion of peace, but did not speak out against the persecution of Christians, such as the death of 3 million in Sudan.”


Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller… "murder is also forbidden by the Koran… Islam is also a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness. That is why it is my opinion, but also the opinion of many Muslims, this [the fatwa that called for killing of those famous cartoonists] is un-Islamic,"


India BJP-led Indian govt appeases Muslims with subsidies to Haj pilgrims. “Bajrang Dal’s” (the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad - World Hindu Council), national convenor Surendra Jain said, "Over Rs 1.48 billion is spent by the government on the Haj subsidy, whereas not a single penny is spent on Hindu pilgrimages."


“Annan believes that the United Nations can fix the misunderstandings between Western and Muslim societies through the Alliance of Civilizations (AOC) - a UN-sponsored forum intended to promote inter-cultural dialogue.” Kofi Annan proclaimed at a seminar held last June at UN headquarters, entitled Confronting Islamophobia: Education for Tolerance and Understanding, that “Islam’s tenets are frequently distorted and taken out of context, with particular acts or practices being taken to represent or to symbolize a rich and complex faith.” ‘When when one examines Annan’s words and actions he sidesteps important issues’.


The world media’s complicity and bias and its total disregard for finding out the facts before publishing anti West or anti Israeli propaganda and staged atrocities, in a blatant attempt to portray ‘poor Muslims’ as the ‘victims’ of unfettered and unconscionable infidel crusading aggression, sold to the western public as a radical PR ploy to throw guilt on those that don’t agree with Islam’s crass outlook and tactics.

See here


And finally the “green helmet guy (creep) can be found here…


President Bush, like most politicians (and some intellectuals) is approaching the broad spectrum of Muslim’s and their outrageous opinions with a policy of appeasement by declaring Islam a "great religion". He has even actively sought their "cooperation" and elected some as "coalition partners” “Such measures have rewarded Muslims for waging physical and spiritual war against the west. "Condemn America," they have learned, "and American leaders will praise your ideals and meet your demands." “Attack America via terrorist proxy, terrorist states and movements have been taught, "and America will neither blame you nor destroy you, but redouble its efforts to buy your love."


“In the Netherlands the national flag is now banned on most schools. If a student wears the national flag of his own country he will be suspended or expelled from school. The reason for this is that this provokes the immigrants (the muslims) and therefore it is considered discrimination if you wear your country's flag in your own country. Even people who have a bumper sticker whith the flag on their car are harassed and called a fascist by the Muslims. Most schools also ban certain clothing like the Lonsdale brand and combat boots with white or red laces. This is also considered a sign of racism. There are of course no restrictions for the immigrants on clothing.

Twenty first

France's leading candidate for the presidency, Segolene Royal, described US President George W. Bush's "axis of evil" as simplistic and the invasion of Iraq as a mistake. Royal added that "the main factor in destabilising the world is poverty - it's the gaps opening up, the humiliation of those who are rejected and who are pushed to violence or who allow the downtrodden to be manipulated." (Talk about a simplistic view and a cop-out on reality). She should read her countryman Geert Hofstede’s research on cultural motivation factors.

Twenty second

“Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and a HUMAN EVENTS columnist… “political correctness, which “stifles public discourse,” combined with a general unwillingness among public officials to recognize the fundamental teachings of the Islam as a source for acts of terror throughout the Western world for distorting the public’s perception of the War on Terror.”

Twenty third

A personal story… a Singaporean Catholic friend complained to me how she felt annoyed that if she double parked outside a Church on Sundays she would receive a parking ticket, however if the local Muslims triple, quadruple parked outside a Mosque during Friday prayers no tickets seemed to be issued. Don’t stir the pot ignore the problem, a look the other way eider down perhaps.

And so it goes and I will leave you to find the rest of the mattresses or eider downs or however you want to classify other softening cover-ups you may come accross.

So what is the pea that we, our ‘politically correct’ speaking politicians and particularly the apologists in our community, all try so desperately to ignore, or worse… deny? What is it we don’t want to deal with under the mattress…?

The troublesome Islamic Pea…

“Islamic theology divides the world into two spheres locked in perpetual combat, dar al-Islam (House of Islam - where Islamic law predominates), and dar al-harb (House of War - the rest of the world). It is incumbent on dar al-Islam to fight and conquer dar al-harb and permanently assimilate it. Muslims in Western nations are called to subvert the secular regimes in which they now live in accordance with Allah's command.”

A short summery of the full story (a total pea description), with a few more reality checks, is here:


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