Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Equity and Justice for all, in Wacky Indonesia

Get those evil foreigners

“The Indonesian appeals court sentenced Australians Scott Rush, 20, Tan Duc Than Nguyen, 23, Si Yi Chen, 21 and Matthew Norman, 19, to death, Indonesian officials said Wednesday. They join two other Australians from the same trafficking ring awaiting a firing squad on death row. A district court originally sentenced the four to life in prison for trying to take more than 8 kilograms of heroin from Indonesia's resort island of Bali to their homeland last year.” Jakarta Post 6th Sept 2006

Get those evil women

‘Last week a national gathering of activists from women's organizations ended with a demand to end the abuse of women in the name of religion. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who did not show up at the opening of the gathering, has also failed to note that none of the country's laws and regulations should violate the universal human rights conventions, which Indonesia has ratified.’ “Some women may be forgiven for thinking they were better off under Soeharto, whose regime was never known to have self-appointed moral police going around cutting up women's jeans, as some men did in Aceh because the women violated "Islamic clothing" and "dressed like men". ”Lone voices have questioned why it is women who are being targeted through curfews and rules on behaviour; what about those who continue to be free to plunder public money?” Jakarta Post 6th Sept 2006

Particularly get those evil foreign women

“Schappelle Corby received a two-month reduction in her 20-year term for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali's international airport.” Jakarta Post August 18, 2006

Don’t hurt the local god loving men, too much

“Abdul Aziz, the first person to be sentenced for involvement in last October's bombings in Bali, received an eight-year jail term Tuesday for aiding terrorist mastermind Noordin M. Top. At least 20 people were killed and 151 injured in the attacks, popularly known as "Bali bombings 2" to distinguish them from the October 2002 blasts. The victims were dining out at three restaurants and cafes in Central Kuta and Jimbaran Bay when the suicide bombers struck. "God is great," Aziz replied when asked for comment on the verdict.” Jakarta Post 6th Sept 2006

Go very very easy on the wealthy locals

Also in today’s Jakarta Post it was reported that it looks like the wealthy youngest son of the former president Soeharto may walk free next month from a murder conviction (a Judge was the victim), following his latest sentence remission granted on Independence Day. So it will be about four years served out of a sentence of fifteen. Apparently he’s been “a good boy in Jail”. Jakarta Post 6th Sept 2006

Yes oh dear… according to the Jakarta Post on August 18, former minister and head of the State Logistics Agency Rahardi Ramelan, who was sentenced to two years in a Rp 4.6 billion (about US$505,939) graft case, received a reduction of two months and 10 days.

Oh and what about this… Adiguna Sutowo, sentenced to seven years imprisonment in June 2005 for killing a nightclub employee, was granted a three-month reduction. For the record Adiguna Sutowo, is a high profile member of the Jakarta business elite and son of former general Ibnu Sutowo. Oh yes his daddy Ibnu Sutowo was the head of the state oil and gas giant Pertamina at the time of a US$10 billion corruption scandal in 1975. (Post August 18 2006)


On sentencing it appears both Heroin and even 4.2 kilos of happy grass are worth more than a judges life. A nightclub waiter (a uni student I’m told) is worth less than a judge and the dope, however the shining light is that they are both worth more than US$505,939.00. However 20 dead Bali partygoers (and/or those that were serving them) are worth less than a judge, the dope, the happy grass or if you take the original sentence… huh… never mind you get the picture… oh… and a Allah U Akbar to you to Mr Aziz, you grubby little pr**k.


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