Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey teacher preacher… leave those kids alone!

ANDERSON COOPER INTERVIEW [edited] (CNN Anderson Cooper 360): A firestorm of controversy is brewing in the Kearny, New Jersey, school district. It all started when Matthew Laclair's teacher began preaching about God in class… Matthew recorded the teacher's comments.

COOPER: So why do you start recording your teacher? 

MATTHEW LACLAIR, STUDENT: Well, a lot of the comments that he was making during the first two days of class were extremely inappropriate. COOPER: Like what? 

LACLAIR: Well, there were some cases where he would go just into his religion….”

COOPER: This wasn't a religion class? LACLAIR: No, no, this is U.S. history.

AUDIO CLIP of DAVID PASZIEWICZ, TEACHER: “God is not only all loving. The way he describes himself in the scriptures, he is also completely just. He did everything in his power to make sure that you could go to heaven, so much so that he put your sin on his own body, suffered your pains for you and is saying please accept me, believe. You reject that and you belong in Hell.”

COOPER: So he's not talking about, you know, what a religion believes. He's talking about what he believes and stating it as fact. LACLAIR: Exactly… …What he basically said almost in every instance was this [acceptance of Jesus] is the right way and this is only way. 

COOPER: What happened then? You approached the principal? 

LACLAIR: After I chased him down for about two weeks to get some other kind of meeting with me and Mr. Pasziewicz and a few others. We had the meeting and in that meeting he denied ever making any of these statements. COOPER: So after a lengthy meeting in which this teacher has denied saying this stuff, you say, "Well, I actually have a tape"? LACLAIR: Exactly.

PASZIEWICZ: The Big Bang theory is that there was nothing out there that was no matter. But yet nothing exploded and created something. Let me give you a clue guys. If there's nothing, it can't explode.

COOPER: What is it that upset you most about his comments? LACLAIR: I have to say just the -- the outright hypocrisy in some of the statements that he would make. And also just how he would blatantly say that evolution is not a science, the big bang theory cannot be true. Anyone with common sense knows that. Even though these scientific statements are accepted widely.

COOPER: …this guy's been teaching for 14 years. 

LACLAIR: Fourteen years. And I've talked to former students that have told me the same thing happened in [their] class. And again, this would not have been a big story whatsoever if somebody along the line in the chain of command would have done something right. 

COOPER: What we didn't say in that report is [that Laclair’s] actually had death threats against him [yes sir, there you go, that’s just so typically Christian] and the reaction in the community largely against him, [which] has been something that the family is quite surprised by.

Yet another dangerous creature is exposed… a moralizing god-dam American bible pushing dill unfortunately disguised as a history teacher… Imagine he can potentially mess up a lot more people than one poor futile bomb toting Islamic terrorist. You do the math’s, 14 years times say 200 students a year… well that’s almost World Trade Centre numbers… 2,800 history flunkies turned into Jesus junkies… hallelujah brother!

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