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“Asiarabia” - More evidence of the growing Arabization of South East Asia

Newsweek International - Dec 4 Issue - By Joe Cochrane and Jonathan Kent

“The meeting of the united Malays National Organization, the ruling pro-Muslim party in Malaysia, was a shocking display of divisiveness. Some UMNO delegates at the rally, which ended Nov. 17, gave speeches that, either explicitly or in veiled terms, were racist or called for violence as a means of settling religious or political differences. One of them, Hasnoor Sidang Hussein, declared: "UMNO is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defense of race and religion." Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein unsheathed a keris (Malay dagger) at the meeting. Party supporters perceived the gesture as invoking Malay power and pride[…]. Twenty years ago, the youth wing had displayed banners calling for the keris to be bathed in the blood of the minority Malaysian Chinese.”

“Southeast Asia's two most important countries [Malaysia and Indonesia] are both drifting toward fundamentalism—a trend made scarier by the inability or unwillingness of some senior political leaders to condemn those promoting the shift. Some analysts are already calling this the "Arabization of the region.

“Certainly, most agree that mainstream Muslims generally are more religious and conservative than they were 10 years ago, and Southeast Asia's Muslim regions (Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Thailand, southern Philippines) are more radical.

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Professor Richard Dawkins and (others) are right when they say we must point out the dangerous (and crass) folly of insisting that “the rest of us” should see mainstream religious belief as a taboo area to comment on because of issues of political correctness. Lets face we all know that radicalism grows out of conservative religious practice, which in turn is grounded in mainstream beliefs. The mainstream religious ‘victims’ then by default protect their radical elements by insisting that their religious sensibilities must be respected. Respect needs to be earned by actions not demanded by rhetoric and they, none of them deserve our respect; they are divisive and threaten our civilization, all based on their unsupported myths, what a nasty joke they are.

If you really want to understand more go to “YouTube” and type in “Beyond Belief 06” and listen to some intelligent people discuss the problem of religion. Then if you are ready for some more see this:

video Dawkins 1

and this:

video Root of all evil Dawkins

How do they do it? They grab your unsuspecting kids, unfortunately probably with parental mind-numbed irrational consent or worse, with complicity through parental (our/your) actions of “intellectual incest”…

Back to Arabization… Muslims want support for schools – Reuters - By Manny Mogato

Philippines - MANILA, Nov 23 2006 - Muslim scholars in Southeast Asia urged governments on Thursday to provide Islamic schools with books on local history, culture and customs to check the growing influence of Arab radicalism.

"We're alienating our children from our history, culture and sense of nationalism because we're not producing enough books and materials for our madrasas," Salipada Tamano, a professor of Islamic Studies in the Philippines, told Reuters.”

"It doesn't surprise me if our children were more oriented to Islamic teaching from the Middle East because we've been getting most of our reading materials and our Arabic teachers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Libya."

“The Philippines has around 2,000 madrasas, relying on material and financial support from local communities and donations from wealthy Islamic states and organisations in the Middle East.”

Full Reuters alert here...

Time to resist!

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