Friday, June 01, 2007


May 30 2007, what a sad day for Malaysia. The court verdict against Lina Joy has destroyed her bid to have her religious choice be seen as a matter of personal conscience rather than a state imposed obligation. Whilst the angry young men rejoice and shout “Allah-o-Akbar”, the Muslim religion again trumps the constitution and provides yet another early indication of the cracks forming in this previously rights based democracy.

This verdict and other sad cases such as that of Subashini Rajasperhaps, may mean that the country’s tourist promotion board needs to rework its “Truly Asia” campaign. Perhaps now they need to market as ‘Malaysia truly Arabia’. Actually the government sometime back removed its English street names so it should be no problem for them to re-brand KL as the centre of “ASIARABIA” and perhaps they could call it ‘Riyadh Lumpur’. Oh yes and of course Putrajaya could become Meccaminor.

Now get the tune in the head and its… Malaysia…. truly Arabia… yessssirrrr sounds great.


johnleemk said...

Previously rights-based? What on earth are you talking about? Our country has always been pathetically authority-serving when it comes to "democracy" and the "rule of law".

That's why almost 40 years after May 13, we are still legally under a state of emergency - so the executive can promulgate law and continue to act like a dictator would under a state of emergency, without having to deal with the nasty procedures of things like the legislative process or habeas corpus.

caliibre said...

caliibre reply...

Yes of course John you are correct, I must been have been suffering from a premeature "elderly moment" :-)