Friday, January 26, 2007

What about the real people?

The arrogance of religious fanatics constantly astounds me particularly when they claim some superior right to exist or right to rule over parts of the earth. These ‘rights supposedly ordained by their mythical personal gods and then reported and supported by the words of their ‘holy’ books or by their so called prophets show how intellectually and spiritually bankrupt many of them are.

Take a look at this lovely curly side burned little prick and ask yourself who taught him this crap. Click the link... watch the video of...

a 'delightful' young Jewish boy whom Jesus loves

Mainstream religion has always and will always, breed radical or fundamentalist elements. Because of this inescapable fact it needs to be put back in its box. The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims don’t have any more claim to the earth than the rest of us and they all need to be resisted, otherwise the rationalists and other intelligent people of the earth will get caught in the crossfire.

So the next time the nasty, ‘I’m in the right’ Catholic Pope talks about interfaith dialogue just remember he is talking about dividing up the power and control of the earth with manic Clerics and anal retentive Rabbi’s. Perhaps it would be better if all “god-botherers”, including the ‘big chip on the shoulder’, ‘live in the past’ Jewish ones could to be separated from the rest of us. So maybe their wall is a good idea and when it is finished we should insist they stay behind it. Also when the Muslims say its not fair and that the world is at war with them claiming ‘it’s only a few radicals spoiling their reputation’, we need to tell them “that’s crap”, its all of you are that the problem and yes our resistance is aimed at all you single minded “we have the answer” freaks no matter whether you call your god; God, Yahweh or Allah… you are all a pain in the arse.

“When the truth dies bad things happen” and the truth is that religion hampers civilizations progress.

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