Sunday, October 08, 2006

Religious Nutter Notes October 2006

Muslim taxis refuse to carry guide dogs (Melbourne Australia)

‘Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to transport guide dogs and passengers carrying alcohol. "I don't refuse to take people, but it's hard for me because my religion tells me I should not go near dogs," driver Imran said. Victorian Taxi Association had appealed to the mufti of Melbourne to allow Muslim cabbies to carry guide dogs. “Dogs are considered unclean by many Muslims”.’ (1)

Let's go to 'Jesus Camp' [Documentary] - “Evangelical Christians are here to save the day”

“The filmmakers go beyond the camp to visit an Evangelical home-schooled household, where the only thing worse than a non-believer is the fanged beast known as science. It's like the Batman to their Joker. The Evangelicals do not believe in global warming, evolution, the separation of church and state, or dirty, stinking liberals. They feel with Bush in charge, their way of life will soon dominate America. At the camp, they touch and pray to a cardboard cutout of Bush, and await the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court with bated breath. The President is their savior, and they sleep soundly in the knowledge that he takes a meeting with an Evangelical leader every week for guidance.”

“It comes down to this: these are children. Impressionable, innocent, incredibly camera-aware, loving, ready-to-please children. They have not chosen this way of life; it's being legally programmed into them for the benefit of adults who are afraid they might lose their moral standing without a backup generation to replace them. Where is the line? Condemn this way of life, and you're branded an America-hating witch. Celebrate this culture of indoctrination, and it sets a dangerous precedent.” (2)

The ‘Exclusive Brethren’ Australia

“A wealthy and exclusive religious cult, which has been blamed for destroying families is operating in at least six private schools in Queensland with the help of government funding. The Exclusive Brethren, which has been exposed in recent months for its controversial forays into politics in both New Zealand and Australia, is also actively scheming to ensure John Howard is re-elected as Prime Minister in next year’s federal poll. Mr Howard revealed [recently] that he had met with members of the Exclusive Brethren, saying “it’s a free country… and like any other group they are entitled to put their views to the Government”. (3)

United Islam Youth (Indonesia) reported for hacking Banyan tree

“The Jakarta administration filed a complaint with the Jakarta Police on Monday afternoon against youth organization United Islam Youth (Persis) for allegedly cutting down a 100-year-old banyan tree Sunday near Harmoni Central Busway station in Central Jakarta. The group defended their action by saying they did it for a cause, that is, to diminish the misleading belief about it being a sacred tree. Such a perception could corrupt moral and religious faith, the group said.” (4)

It’s a sick world we live in

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