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Paranoid Personalties and God’s Holy Warriors

Symptoms of a Paranoid Person (edited & abridged)

‘Suspicious, doubt outweighs belief, preoccupied with sadness, suffering and death, fears being harmed or controlled, bitter, looks for hidden meaning in things, personality is centred around low self esteem issues, feels misunderstood, defensive, often experiences disgust, love-hate relationships with most things, likes to test people's loyalty, thinks life is overrated, feels like an outsider, existentially depressed, prone to shame, suffers from depression, makes enemies. The patient is sentimental, irritable, introverted, obstinate, jealous, selfish, unsocial and bitter. Here the person does not acknowledge his/her own failures or faults.’

A couple of pertinent types of Paranoia

Persecutory paranoia - This is the most prevalent type of paranoia and in this patient makes himself/herself believe that all those around him/her are his/her enemies, bent on harming him/her or even taking his/her life. In this delusion people of an aggressive temperament often turn into dangerous killers.”

The news says it all… every day and every night… ad-nauseam!

Religious paranoia - Here the patient suffers from a permanent delusion of a primarily religious nature. He/she for example believes, that he/she [actually usually only he] is the messenger of God who has been sent to the world to propagate some religion.

Holly rollers of many brands including… Preachers, Clerics, Mullahs, Evangelists, Monks, Cardinals Bishops, Rabbi’s and Popes, you need to decide which do, or do not really know anything and which are just delusional maniacs… lots of luck.

Delusions of Grandeur - In this patient believes himself/herself to be, a great individual, and according to Bleuler, this delusion of grandeur accompanies a persecutory delusion.”

According to a number of Islamic websites Islam outranks the rest so we are all born Muslims and we all apparently actually profess our allegiance to Allah before we are born. (I don’t actually remember doing that)

From “” “Allahu ta'ala created mankind. All people are the born slaves of Allahu ta'ala. Allahu ta'ala is the creator, the Rabb, not only of a certain nation or race or only of the world, but also of the entire humanity as well as of all the worlds of existence. In the view of Allahu ta'ala, all people are the same, and no one is different from another. In addition to a body, He has given a soul to each one of them. He has sent them Prophets 'alaihimus-salawatu wattaslimat' to lead them to spiritual and physical perfection and to guide them on the right way. The greatest ones of these Prophets are Adam, Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Issa (Jesus), and Muhammad s.a.s. The tenets of belief that they taught are the same. The final and the most perfect system is Islam, taught by Muhammad a.s.. No Prophet will come after Muhammad a.s.. For the religion he brought is at the uppermost point of perfection and has no deficiency to be made up; and Allahu ta'ala has declared that mankind will never be able to change or interpolate this religion.”

Reformatory paranoia - In this the patient turns to considering himself a great reformer. He accordingly looks upon all those around him as suffering from dangerous disease, and believes that he is their reformer and curator.”

“Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the dour cleric who led an Islamic revolution in Iran, perceived himself above all as an avenger of the humiliations that the West had for more than a century inflicted on the Muslims of the Middle East” (Time Magazine). He wasn’t real keen on the Shah’s effect on Iranian society either, no modern outlook please… and he said “If one permits an infidel to continue in his role as a corrupter of the earth, his moral suffering will be all the worse. If one kills the infidel, and this stops him from perpetrating his misdeeds, his death will be a blessing to him.”

A number of Islamic websites also proclaim that all other religions are forced on us a infants when we are too young to resist (I agree, however so does Islam) and that Allah will help us overcome these ‘false religions’ and ‘cults’ as we become more mature and if we seek his [and I guess our local clerics] help. Infidels are obviously suffering from a “dangerous disease”.

Current Iranian leaders speak out April 2006

‘Ayatollah Khamenei said liberal democracy was like a poison’ and that “global imperialism led by the US president openly threatened the Muslim world by talking about launching a crusade against it” followed by President Ahmadinejad who widened the attack [on the west] to include Israel, which he said was "a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm". [This is the same guy that provoked an international outcry October 2005 when he cast doubts on the Holocaust and said Israel should be "wiped off the map"]. He continued; "We are prepared to eat salt and olives, and we will not bow our heads, but to God almighty, because we are faithful and because we take our responsibility seriously,"

Any Paranoia amongst the common people? Egypt church attack April 2006… ‘The interior ministry named the assailant as Mahmoud Salah-Eddin Abdel-Raziq, 25, and said he was "psychologically disturbed". It said the man attacked two churches and was arrested as he tried to enter a third. A doctor told AP that one policeman refused to fire on an attacker, saying he did not have orders.’

And the victims… “In Iraq, the Christian middle class is emigrating in droves, fearful of the daily violence and the hostility it now encounters from Islamists. In Saudi Arabia, churches and other places of non-Muslim worship are banned and foreign workers who try to hold secret Christian services are jailed, flogged and often deported. In the land of its birth, Christianity is in sad decline as the pressures of life under Israeli occupation and the growth of militant Islam push Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Erotic paranoia - Here the patient often tends to believe that some members of the family of the opposite sex, belonging to an illustrious family, want to marry him. Such people even write love letters and there by, cause much botheration to other people.”

Who knows, I guess you would have to count up how many women have been stoned to death over the centuries. One should note however that great lengths are taken, I guess to avoid this problem, as women and men are separated as much as possible, maybe it is a major mental condition. Then again, four wives and an easy divorce system… you tell me.

Litigious paranoia - In this kind the patient takes to feeling meaningless cases against other people and feels that people are linked together to bother him/her and will sometimes even resort to murder.

Yasser Arafat as quoted by Yediot Achronot, May 21, 1997 “Our law is a Jordanian law that we inherited, which applies to both the West Bank and Gaza, and sets the death penalty for those who sell land to Israelis. It is our right to defend our land.”

Causes of Paranoia (see reference for source)

1) Feelings of inferiority: Here the psychologists have found that the main cause of paranoia is a sense of inferiority that may be caused by a variety of condition such as failure, disgust, sense of guilt.
2) Homosexual fixation: According to Freud, the patient suffering from the disease has repressed his tendency to homosexual love to such an extent that he develops a fixation concerning it. Freud's view has been found correct in many cases, but it does not explain each and every case of the disease.
3) Emotional complexes: Some psychologists point out emotional complexes and also believe that they are seen to be present in other mental diseases as also in normal individuals.
4) Personality type: Cameron believes a certain type to be more susceptible to this disease, a personality that has sentimentally, jealousy, suspicion, ambition, selfishness and shyness etc. Patients of paranoia do exhibit these peculiarities of personality but on this basis they cannot be said to belong to definite personality.
5) Heredity: In the opinion of Fisher the main responsibility of paranoia lies fairly and squarely upon heredity, although he does not deny the importance of repression and emotional complexes. The causes of paranoia are not physical because no patient exhibits any signs of physical deformity and among the causes there are many important" ones, such as defects of personality, sense of inferiority, repression etc.

Note - 48% of people who have both parents that suffer from paranoia will also be paranoid.

Um Nidal, a mother of suicide terrorists, participated in a farewell ceremony in which she sent her 17-year-old son to die through terror, "ordering him not to return except as a shahid [martyr for Allah]." In an interview recorded after her son murdered five Israeli teenagers in a suicide mission, she explained that it was a mother's love for her son that motivated her to be joyous over his Shahada death. Um Nidal (explaining why she sent her son to die): "My son is not dearer than Islam. I have offered him as a gift and a sacrifice to Allah, may he be glorified, and to His true faith...." Um Nidal didn't stop at one son. She has proudly sent three of her sons to their death as terrorist shahids.” (see reference for source)

Treatment of Paranoia

“A cure of paranoia is very difficult and it is essential that treatment should be started immediately the disease comes to be known. Once it grows on a person there is no curing to it. Compared to other mental diseases, this disease does not respond immediately to psychoanalytic treatment because, being suspicious, the patient does not cooperate with the therapist.”

Some doctors believe insulin can help treat paranoia. With the way things are going some politicians could be considering a well placed dose of cordite, or even worse, a severe dose radiation therapy, now there an unsettling thought.


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