Sunday, March 26, 2006

Religious and Cultural Indoctrination and a Dose of ‘Spikey Rice’


“Responsible Muslim parents arrange for their child's Islamic upbringing from his early life”. [I guess they meant ‘his or her’ however it slipped the writers mind… maybe] The website advice goes on; “Parents having lack of knowledge themselves can not shy away from their responsibility. They should involve private tutors or get help from others and, of course, they should try to overcome their weaknesses.”

“Getting basic understanding of Islam is a fundamental right for all children born in Muslim families. As the child grows and start going to school, parents should look for Weekend and Evening Schools, where the child can learn Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies in an Islamic environment and Muslim-friendly atmosphere. But care must be taken that the child is not overburdened with too much work and mishandled by the teachers who have little understanding of techniques to educate young people.”

“A Question to think about: Should parents prevent their children from watching TV?”

“According to survey done in many countries, average child could spend a staggering four to five hours on TV. This can make him [and her?] dull and has its negative influence on him. If a child is not prevented from watching too much of TV, he can grow a loner with complex psychology.”

“In the modern world trendy fashions, often used by the celebrities, are now in supremacy. This is geared towards consumer, and often immoral, culture that influence the young minds. The only survival mechanism is to link the child to Allah.”

USA’S (SPIKE’S) VIEW (BBC’s Hardtalk Extra March 17, 2006)

Spike Lee (Movie Maker MalcomX & others and [‘a social commentator’]) as quoted by Patrick O’Connell on BBC’s Hardtalk Extra: “You said this to a meeting of Students in 2005... I’ve always felt that the reason the United States is the most powerful country on this earth is not because we have more arms than anybody else its because of Coca Cola, Walt Disney, Music, TV Shows [and] Hollywood. That’s how we dominate the world, by culture” Spike Lee reaffirmed, “Nuclear arms are not going are not going to influence how people talk, dress and act”, “…how America dominates the world is by culture”


“Local children, like millions of others around the world, will be able to find their way to Sesame Street to join Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the gang when the educational TV series comes to the country. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced Tuesday the Indonesian version of the show – to be funded with a US$8.5 million grant from the U.S. government through USAID – during a visit to Al Ma’Muriyah madrassah in Cikini, Central Jakarta.”

Now call me a cynic… is this part of the plot?
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